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We’ve teamed up with Teaching Channel!

Did you know that 80% of teachers surveyed believe that continuous improvement is vital to their success? And that 97% want learning that is tied to their own needs or goals? But unfortunately only 60% of those same educators feel that their district fosters a personalized professional learning environment.1 Well, we’ve heard the voices of educators from across the country, and we’ve answered their call.Teaching Channel

Today we’re proud to announce that we now have an exclusive partnership with Teaching Channel to make professional learning more engaging, relevant, and aligned.

Teaching Channel began in 2011 as a professional development video service delivered online and through television broadcast. Through the aid of a substantial grant from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, Teaching Channel developed an impressive reputation for producing high-quality content in the core content areas with very high production values. Their mission of creating “an environment where teachers can watch, share, and learn new techniques to help every student grow”2 dovetails perfectly with the Performance Matters mission of delivering world-class professional learning solutions to accelerate measurable improvements in learning and teaching.

The beauty of this partnership lies in the direct link between the data from the Performance Matters Unify Suite and the videos in the Teaching Channel library. As administrators and educators complete evaluations, observations, and student assessments, relevant Teaching Channel videos are selected and highlighted. This direct communication between professional growth need and professional learning opportunity saves time for teachers and administrators. District and school leaders can also select specific videos or playlists of content to help their staff in specific focus areas. Because the videos are chosen based on specific district and educator needs, the Teaching Channel video content is directly applicable to classroom instruction, resulting in more observable immediate results.

We’re excited about our new partnership and the professional learning possibilities it offers to educators everywhere. Learn more now or schedule a demo to see this partnership is action!

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2 Teaching Channel