Our Teaching Channel Partnership

We are proud to announce a unique relationship with the Teaching Channel. Performance Matters is now the only professional development solution that utilizes and aligns Teaching Channel content for in-context learning. Check out how this new partnership will change professional development in your district.


The Teaching Channel partnership with Performance Matters delivers content that is:

Relevant Content


Content is delivered at the moment and in context of the required learning

Engaging Content


Highest production quality content available anywhere



Content is aligned to learning standards and needs of the learner

Exceptional content leads to extraordinary learning.

The partnership offers:

  • Seamless integration with your existing PD content
  • Additional supports for teachers aligned with your teaching frameworks
  • PD for teachers BY teachers (#1 ranked teacher brand)
  • Directly link Teaching Channel content to educator observation
Performance Matters and Teaching Channel Partnership
Teaching Channel

About the Teaching Channel

  • Beloved #1 ranked teacher brand*
  • Broadcast quality content, originally began being broadcast on PBS Public Television
  • Funded in part by $15 million in grants from Gates Foundation + more from Carnegie, Hewlett and others
  • Over 1 million registered users accessing the website
  • More than 5 million unique visits annually

*#1 Most Trusted Professional Learning Provider (TES 2015 Global Survey of American teachers), 1 of Top 10 Online Resources (Scholastic Survey, 2015)

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