Professional Learning

Summertime PD: Note and Share Your Progress

Like a popsicle, learning is better when it’s shared!

We hope your summer and your summertime PD has been filled with plenty of moments where you let yourself unwind and

  • Re-energize through exercise, sports, and other physical activity
  • Re-charge and take time to explore the great outdoors and visit new places
  • Re-visit hobbies you once loved, but don’t have time for during the school year
  • Re-connect with family and friends during outdoor barbecues and picnics

As summertime PD days dwindle, we also encourage you to reflect on your growth, center yourself, and mentally prepare for the next school year, going into it with an open and eager attitude.


My kids still love their walkie-talkies especially as they play outside in summer but for adults I encourage you to try the Voxer app. Voxer lets you set up groups of people that can send audio, text or picture messages to one another. Instead of the 140 characters you’re limited to on Twitter, Voxer gives you more space to articulate your thoughts. You can start a Voxer group with college friends who are teaching in different parts of the country or with a few people that you met at an unconference who were interested in sharing the successes and challenges in your respective classrooms.


Educators are making blogs an integral part of their professional development. While many enjoy reading what others have written, writing your own reflective blog posts is a highly effective technique to improving your instructional practices. The act of reflecting on your educational methodologies and documenting what you are learning is a vital metacognitive step in your growth and development. There are many platforms that teachers are choosing to host their professional and summertime PD blogs; Edublogs, Weebly, Blogger, and WordPress being the most popular among them.

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