Assess Student Performance

Rationale, Administration, Reporting and Roster Verification Tool

Performance Matters’ Student Learning Objectives (SLO) solution allows administrators to assess student performance in course areas not tested by the state while providing reporting features that track individual teachers’ progress towards meeting their objectives. SLO results can also be easily incorporated into multi-measure reporting.

Our Student Learning Objectives solution provides flexibility and security throughout the workflow process. After defining the appropriate rationale, statuses can reported without leaving the platform. Teachers are empowered with built-in roster verification tools, and they have the ability to work within their PLCs or grade-level teams using the group SLO feature. Highly configurable, the SLO solution allows you to choose from an unlimited number of baseline and post assessments, all built and administered within the same platform.

Student Learning Objectives is a part of our Actionable Analytics Solutions, combining student and educator data that guide the Performance Matters tools used by students and educators to accelerate their growth.

  • Configure SLO bands.
  • Choose from an unlimited number of baseline and post-assessments.
  • Algorithms for measuring student growth.
  • Ability to adjust at the student level.
  • Set and track SLO meeting dates.