Assessments that Energize Learning and Analytics that Power Instruction

Our flagship student assessment platform, Unify gives educators the tools and content to author and review assessment items, administer authentic assessments, and analyze student and educator data from a wide variety of sources. Unify uses collaborative technology to help educators develop, review, administer and analyze quality assessments to inform and improve instruction.


The Performance Matters Student Growth Solutions are:

Collaborative: Unify facilitates educator-to-educator collaboration. The result is continuous quality and efficacy in assessments as teachers co-create, share and review content.

Comprehensive: Unify delivers an always-expanding repository of innovative, high-quality assessment items covering core and elective curriculum across the K-12 spectrum.

Differentiated: Unify empowers educators to make evidence-based critical shifts and adaptations to instruction, so they can differentiate and personalize instruction.

Future-Focused: Unify takes the drudgery out of testing, by supporting next-generation item formats, from constructed response approaches to technology-enhanced items. Unify transforms “testing” into learning.

Interoperable:  Unify is an open platform, connecting data from local, state, and any other assessments with existing district systems, including student information systems and learning management systems, giving teachers an invaluable tool that is engaging for students. Engineered to meet the IMS Global standards of QTI and LTI, Unify maximizes the teaching and learning experience.


Unify connects educators and students through assessment to achieve extraordinary results. Unify is an open assessment platform for teacher or district level testing for any subject and in all grade levels. Learn More




Author and review item banks and assessments from others.



Administer assessments online or via plain paper scanning.



Analyze student and educator data through clear dashboards and reports.



Act on the information to improve learning.