Once you have the knowledge and insights to understand where students are, you’re ready to take action.

The PM Growth Platform is a dynamic resource for educators to implement change and administrators to track and monitor progress. With its two core areas of focus, student learning objectives (SLOs) and response to intervention, PM Student Support enables district educators and administrators to optimize SLOs and identify academic and/or behavioral risk students.

  • Monitor

    Choose from multiple monitoring, tracking options to assess and optimize student performance.

    Insightful monitoring

    Implement Progress Monitoring plans, a tier-1 remediation solution, established by the district or create and track your own.

    Progress tracking

    Graphically monitor and track a student’s progress via a layered data visualization display once multiple strategies and progress monitors have been put in place.

    Attendance compliance

    Track both attendance and class participation to determine what factors could be affecting student outcome.

    Observation notation

    Use comments to track behavior or other socio/emotional factors that may not reflect the whole story of the student’s needs.

  • Intervene

    Implement preemptive intervention tactics and course corrections for behavioral issues.

    Establish baselines

    Utilize MTSS processes to establish a baseline or point-of-entry for a student into the intervention and set a goal for when they have demonstrated proficiency or completion.

  • Engage

    Solicit parental involvement to inform parents and receive additional communication about student progress and situational behavioral status changes.

    Parental reporting

    Teachers can engage a student’s parents through PMP reporting capabilities to allow them to communicate how they’re meeting the individual needs of their student.

Who Benefits from the PM Student Support tool?



Gain access to all relevant data to inform intervention strategies and support classroom function.



Receive the attention and structure they need to focus on learning objectives and improve behavior.



Measure district achievement, drive educator effectiveness, and ensure student success.