It is impossible to ignore how much time and energy teachers pour into instruction. We believe the student assessment process deserves equal attention.

PM Assessment, a core part of the PM Growth Platform, allows educators to author and administer student assessments while monitoring classroom instruction effectiveness and student comprehension. When assessment is an organic part of the learning environment, Students don’t see assessment as an event; it is simply a daily activity.


Student Assessment Overview

  • Build

    Design assessments that are adapted to your rubrics and framework.

    Item Creation

    Leverage a full set of tools, including Rausch and distractor analysis and custom rating rubrics, to facilitate insightful assessment results.

    Build assessments that are aligned to your state requirements using item types and rigor that mirror high stakes assessments.

    Enhanced Items

    Create custom technology-enhanced items that are fun, rigorous and engaging for students.

    Incorporate a diverse array of evaluation methods into classroom assessments with multiple select, extended text areas, and technology enhanced item types.


    Ensure coverage of standards and accurately gauge mastery of specific knowledge and skills.

  • Assess

    Gauging student achievement is simple and straightforward.

    Assessment Delivery

    Administrators can control when assessments are released, which provides teachers with secured access and the ability to administer assessments.

    Deliver assessments the way that a teacher deems best, whether online, paper-based, or using answer key only assessments. Save time with automated scoring of daily exit tickets, progress monitoring, quizzes, unit assessments or district benchmark assessments.


    Easily score assessments with 99.9% accuracy using the Gradecam integration, which includes the ability to capture work and allows for multiple correct responses.

    Utilize plain paper scanning to generate on-demand and test specific templates.

  • Integrate

    Connect assessment with third-party tools and platforms.

    Third Party Items

    Connect with data systems, school districts, and individual item writers to ensure alignment to content standards.

    Utilize state-aligned, pre-built assessments (specifically designed to support predictable performance on state assessments) and items via the many Performance Matters third-party professional content development partners.


    Access shared item banks, conduct external scoring with other school districts, or write and review items in conjunction with review groups.

    Access PM Nation, an online collaborative item bank and assessment community, to share content with other PM district customers.

  • Engage

    Involving parents and teachers increases success.

    Engage teachers, parents and student via portals that provide additional support and educational resources to achieve standards mastery.