Why do students in one school consistently outperform others in the same district ? How can educators better collaborate and share knowledge? What’s the connection between a student’s attendance and his assessment scores?

Chances are, you or someone in your school has asked one of these questions—and you’ll find the answers in our student assessment and analytics platform. Unify collects and analyzes student data and measures progress against school, district, and state averages, giving administrators and educators unique insight into opportunities for improvement.

Who is Unify for?



Obtain a 360-degree view of student achievement within your school or district.



Store and share assessments, view learning plans, and take action based on professional development steps.



Motivate students through engaged learning and innovative, varied assessment experiences.

The Student Growth Platform

  • Assessment

    Teachers can use assessment results to address skill gaps and target areas of need.

    Knowledge assessment

    Understand how students are performing against school, district, and state performance standards.

    Informed instruction

    Create a culture of high-achieving students through differentiated instruction.


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  • Analytics

    View multiple years’ worth of assessment data for each student.

    Holistic view of data

    Compare student performance across academic and non-academic measures; then, compare it to school and district averages.

    Detailed reporting

    Easily filter data by demographics, subgroup, Early Warning, or custom filters to create reports that demonstrate all factors involved in student performance.


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  • Action

    Putting the insights into action is the fun part. We’ll help you

    Real-time reports that inform and engage

    Share live, real-time reporting and results with district leaders to inform administrators with up-to-the-minute data.

    Data-driven instruction

    With the full picture of student achievement and educator effectiveness, administrators can make data-informed decisions that improve learning outcomes.


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Who benefits from Performance Matters?

...and counting!

What Our Customers Say

  • RICH BOETTNER, Chief Technology Officer
  • MICHELLE KERNAN, Director of Federal Programs and Academic Services
  • DR. VALERIE WHITEHEAD, Executive Director of Assessment and Accountability
  • DR. JEANNIE STONE, Interim Superintendent
  • PAULA JOSEPH, Manager
Hilliard City Schools has been using Performance Matters for several years and we continue to be impressed with how well the system keeps pace with the increasingly sophisticated ways we use data to drive student achievement.
Rich Boettner
Chief Technology Officer
Hilliard City Schools, OH
Performance Matters has helped our teachers and staff become more comfortable in working with data. As a result, we’ve seen more use of data to drive instruction and students are achieving steady gains on state tests.
Michelle Kernan
Director of Federal Programs and Academic Services
Hernando County Schools, FL
Performance Matters has a firm foundation in assessment and data analysis. They have been a true partner in working with us to create a platform that matches our needs. Having these integrated systems will ensure everyone is looking at the same data. With this information, we believe that teachers’ planning time and students’ learning time will be more focused and effective.
Dr. Valerie Whitehead
Executive Director of Assessment and Accountability
Glynn County Schools, GA
We are able to leverage the combined offerings from Performance Matters' evaluation and PD systems integrated with their assessment and analytics platform to drive student performance and instructional outcomes in our district.
Dr. Jeannie Stone
Richardson Independent School District, TX
I'm enjoying what Performance Matters is doing with our students as well as with instructional leaders. It provides them with a platform that gives them real-time data and helps them understand what they need to be successful and have successful outcomes.
Paula Joseph
Palm Beach County, FL

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