We believe classroom observations should empower educators to make improvements for their students, not simply check an item off the to-do list.

Performance Matters Observation empowers administrators and teachers alike throughout the formal observation process by streamlining observation evidence collection and fostering meaningful exchanges around performance improvement.

  • Schedule

    Simplify observation planning with easy-to-use coordination tools.

    Plan in advance

    Intuitive online platform allows for scheduling staff observations in advance to align with planned cycles.

    Observe on-the-go

    Platform also functions for on-demand observations, allowing for impromptu classroom walkthroughs.

  • Observe

    Our rubric-agnostic rating tool supports a variety of frameworks to work the way you do.


    Log data in observation forms adapted to your own custom rubrics.

    Go paperless

    Conduct observations as you normally would, while eliminating the need for paper-driven processes.

  • Record

    Observers can log evidence by scripting notes within the tool or importing from a text editor.

    Capture data

    User workflows guide observers to log evidence collection and provide personalized feedback.

    Intuitive records

    Note-taking capabilities facilitate timestamping and autosave functionality.

    Customized views

    Grant access to user-specific rubrics customized for gathering appropriate observation data.

  • Report

    Insight reporting connects observation data to professional growth opportunities.

    Seamless action planning

    Evaluation domains are customizable by framework and rubric, allowing for a natural tie-in with professional development.

    360* view for administrators

    Comprehensive reporting by classroom, instructor, school, and district.




  • Design observation form templates, complete with ratings, scales, and scoring capabilities.
  • Create observation workflows using the self-service observation designer tool.
  • Recommend or require professional development based upon observed areas of need.
  • Gain at-a-glance status updates and teacher ratings with Observation Dashboards


  • Quick access to a teacher’s observation history, upcoming observation events, or start a new session with a single click.
  • Swift, focused note-taking and evidence collection with timestamps, auto-saving and data export options for offline sharing.
  • Share notes, ratings, and evidence with participants, all at once or separately.
  • Track the full observation with intelligent timekeeping.
  • Import offline scripts from Word or a text editor and easily drag and drop imported text into evidence fields

What Educators Want with Observation


Of teachers do not believe there is adequate support for receiving feedback on their professional learning needs.


Teachers feel that their schools aren’t doing enough to leverage feedback from observations and evaluations to inform professional learning.


Of the instruction-related time principals spend is used conducting classroom observations.