Helping teachers reach their full potential, so they can help students achieve theirs.

The Performance Matters Evaluation tool provides educators and evaluators with a simple platform to manage the evaluation process and guide educator improvement.

  • Flexible

    The Evaluation platform adapts to support your unique method of educator evaluation.


    The platform configures to support your specific framework, rubrics, competency models, and complex scoring requirements.

    Scalable system

    Evaluation can scale to meet the needs of your school district, regardless of size or level of complexity.

    Seamless integration

    Evaluation connects with most third-party systems, so you can see all your data together in one place.

  • Integrated

    Combine performance management with professional growth resources.


    Evidence collected during the evaluation process drives customized learning plans.

    Easily navigable

    Embedded professional development learning library allows for seamless transition to next steps.

  • Streamlined

    A simplified evaluation process reduces redundancy and saves time for educators and administrators.

    At-a-glance insights

    Discover simplicity in managing the evaluation process by bringing together all educator data into a single platform.

    Efficient resource planning

    Create an environment where evaluation planning and reporting are a seamless part of your routine.




Monitor performance and progress with our in-depth, customizable dashboard



Access easy-to-use reporting tools to conduct evaluations



Receive helpful, timely feedback to guide improvement

  • Focus on evaluations for all employees, both certified and classified staff.
  • Capture evidence using online and offline observation tools.
  • Manage peer review programs.
  • Integrate seamlessly with other data systems to bring value-added scores directly into the evaluation process.
  • Deliver surveys to students, parents, or staff with anonymity.
  • Ensure accuracy of student learning objective (SLO) management and calculations.
  • Create personalized learning plans focused on professional growth

What Educators Want with Evaluation


Teachers who say that their school does not use the results from evaluations to personalize professional learning


Percentage of teachers that want clear measures of success identified within their evaluation program


Of principals say that their evaluation process is still paper-based