Only one in five educators think they’re assessed fairly during the evaluation process. We want to improve that number.

The Performance Matters Calibration solution facilitates precise inter-rater reliability and provides an impartial, standardized process for educator observation and evaluation. Built in cooperation with partners, Teaching Learning Solutions and The Teaching Channel, the Calibration solution provides observers with access to time-tested methods for conducting evaluations that help deliver actionable feedback to educators.

  • Reliable

    Calibration brings trust and objectivity to the educator evaluation process.

    Expert-developed solutions

    Created in partnership with the industry leader in observation best practices and inter-rater reliability research, Teaching and Learning Solutions (TLS).

    Integrated Observer training

    Access self-service courses designed to train observers in framework alignment and observation best practices.

    Inter-rater reliability

    Proven methods to obtain and measure accuracy are embedded into observer certification trainings and improve inter-rater reliability.

    Embedded accuracy measures

    Three key measures explain observer objectivity, compare individual scoring to a colleague, and examine how closely aligned the colleague is to the accuracy measure.

  • Accurate

    Precise measurement of an individual observer’s skills and accuracies in the evaluation process.

    Research-based scoring

    Solution syncs with your unique evaluation framework and district-specific frameworks, rubrics.

    Objective data collection

    Evaluators are given resources to understand how to collect valid, defensible evidence

    Automated scoring

    No pass – fail scoring; educators and administrators receive instant access to detailed, individual evaluation results.

    Actionable evaluation results

    Detailed evaluation feedback indicates when an evaluator was too easy, too hard on their scoring as well as how their scoring compares with other evaluators.

  • Effective

    The Calibration solution is designed to outfit observers with tools needed to conduct objective evaluations.

    Relevant, master-scored videos

    Observers garner best practices by viewing realistic teaching scenarios in relevant, high-quality video content.

    Scripting tool

    Our easy-to-use scripting tool helps observers demonstrate their ability to collect evidence and select reasoned ratings.

    Exclusive, private library access

    Access The Teaching Channel private library for videos not readily available from other content providers.





Gain specific insight into where professional development and support should be allocated for the greatest impact. Identify where individual educators are struggling with a rubric.



Ability to view and compare captured evidence side-by-side against master evidence provides instrumental insight and understanding.

What Educators Want with Calibration


Believe that lack of trust is an obstacle in the creation of a personalized professional learning climate.


Feel that their work is assessed unfairly in the educator evaluation process.


Of all educators in a study of 14 large school districts were evaluated as “satisfactory.”