Students don’t see all the work that teachers do beyond the classroom; they don’t see the piles of grading, the growing to-do lists, or the earnest lesson planning. We do.

That’s why we developed our line of educator growth products with educators in mind. After all, we’re rooted in education ourselves. The greatest issue that educators and administrators face is a lack of time, so we’ve created a Growth Platform that is intuitive, making it simple for users to complete tasks and obtain the information they need. Help your educators move beyond simply checking off requirements and towards building opportunities for student success.

Educator Growth: Results Professional Development

Drive Results with Professional Development

Track and manage all professional learning content

Professional Development

Educator Growth: Insight Observation

Foster Objectivity with Evaluation

Simplify the complexities of the evaluation process


Educator Growth: Insight Obervation

Gain Insight with Observation

Conduct evaluations, collect evidence and share feedback


Educator Growth: Reliability Calibration

Improve Reliability with Calibration

Create consistency and fairness in educator evaluations


What Our Customers Say

Hilliard City Schools has been using Performance Matters for several years and we continue to be impressed with how well the system keeps pace with the increasingly sophisticated ways we use data to drive student achievement.
Rich Boettner
Chief Technology Officer, Hilliard City Schools, OH

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