For us, it’s not about the number of clicks it takes, but the end result. It’s about the ‘action-able‘ information, the extra insight, and the meaningful decisions that can be made.

With our unique blend of student and educator data, school system leaders can see the effect of professional learning on student achievement, educator impact on student learning, and trends in professional development implementation that affect student growth. With PM Connected Analytics, you can tailor data to drive better decision making at every level of your district.

  • Integrated

    Streamlined reporting eliminates the use of disparate systems and number crunching.

    Built-in analytics

    We don’t rely on complex, third-party solutions for reporting – because analytics are embedded in everything we do.


    Our simple, easy-to-use reporting tools are intuitive and designed with educators in mind.

  • Customized

    View the data that matters most to you.

    Compare key performance indicators

    Administrators can use reporting tools to compare by class, school, and district. It’s also easy to instantly view aggregate classroom data, detailed student information, and peer comparisons in real time – and immediately take action where needed.

    Use student attributes to compare and track student subgroups.

    Evaluate student achievement

    Customized tracking and evaluation allows educators to drill down to see what makes students succeed and connect test results and instructional standards to address gaps in learning.

  • Impactful

    The right data makes all the difference.

    Holistic student view

    View data – state assessments, national assessments, local measures, including both academic and behavioral indicators – from multiple disparate systems to provide real-time insight, and enable action to be taken when needed.

    Additional perspective

    Easily add additional measures to drill-down into suspected issues and investigate root cause, as well as ‘see’ what classroom instruction is really working!

    Guide instruction

    Uniquely relevant, timely reporting empowers educators to adapt instruction. Educators can monitor and address at-risk student behavior and create intervention plans to address attendance and performance issues.

    Measure outcomes

    Data-driven insights reflect the impact of educator effectiveness on student outcomes.

    Return On Investment (ROI)

    Evaluate the return on learning from an investment into remediation programs, professional development, or discover what professional learning communities in individual schools are top performers – then replicate those throughout your district.

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