Accelerate Growth

Connecting the Potential of Student Achievement and the Power of Professional Learning

The Performance Matters Platform is an integrated portfolio of solutions all supported with robust data analytics that link student and educator growth together.

The Performance Matters Platform offers solutions that encourage professional growth, inform instruction, and increase accountability across your district. Our solutions work together seamlessly, providing leaders and educators with actionable data that highlights opportunities for growth as well as areas of excellence.

Whether districts choose a fully integrated implementation or prefer to implement individual solutions, the Performance Matters Platform delivers the flexibility and support to address immediate student and professional growth goals.


The Performance Matters Educator Professional Growth Platform offers online solutions for observation and evaluation results, observer calibration and professional development management, fully supporting continuous educator improvement and its connection to student achievement.  Our solutions are informed by district processes and adapt to the changing landscape of student needs, curriculum, policy, and community engagement.


Personalized Professional Learning Management


Multiple Measure Performance Evaluation


Easy, Efficient Observation Tool


Valid, Defensible Observations

The Performance Matters Student Learning and Growth Solutions are powered by Unify, our flagship student assessment platform. Educators use Unify to create and administer assessments, analyze student and educator data, and act on that data to improve teaching and learning.


Redesigning Assessment as a Catalyst for Student Success

The Performance Matters Actionable Analytics Solutions combine student and educator data that guide the Performance Matters tools that are used by students and educators to accelerate their growth.


Real-time Analytics

Comprehensive Student Performance Data


Early Warning System

At-risk Students Reporting


Response to Intervention

Student Progress Monitoring and Academic and Behavioral Interventions


Student Learning Objectives

SLO and Roster Verification