Personalized Professional Learning Management

Focusing on Growth

Truenorthlogic PD is highly personalized and easy to use.

Administrators can create, acquire and manage customized professional learning opportunities that specifically address the needs of their educators. Educators have anytime access to courses that are fine-tuned to their position, school, grade, subject, development needs and stage of their career.

Truenorthlogic PD is an online tool for comprehensive management and tracking of all professional learning content, aligned with your processes and guidelines.

Truenorthlogic PD provides a vast array of learning opportunities at the fingertips of educators, including traditional face-to- face workshops and events, job-embedded professional development, self-directed activities, traditional courses, online learning, and Professional Learning Communities (PLCs).

Truenorthlogic PD is a key component of the unified Performance Matters Educator Professional Growth Platform, offering online solutions for observation and evaluation results, observer calibration, and more, fully supporting continuous educator improvement.


  • Create an online professional development catalog of all learning resources and customized courses.
  • Acquire and offer new PD courses from industry-leading content providers at any time.
  • Manage and monitor all PD efforts, including budgets, room scheduling, and credit types, and analyze progress throughout the district.
  • Track attendance and registration by going paperless using a mobile app.
  • Recommend, require or restrict PD based on demographics and development needs.
  • Communicate and collaborate with participants throughout the entire development cycle.
  • Maximize every PD dollar spent.


  • Search the course catalog and quickly find all applicable learning opportunities.
  • View course ratings from colleagues to ascertain the quality of each learning opportunity.
  • Register and track progress with transcripts that include their course completion status and credits.
  • Complete courses online anywhere, anytime.
  • Communicate with your peers by building PLCs.

The Truenorthlogic PD Premium Library provides districts with a centralized marketplace to easily browse and purchase professional development courses, ending the hassle and cost of purchasing large, expensive content packages that go largely unused. By partnering with top content providers, the Premium Library creates efficiency in the purchasing process by offering a pick-and- choose model of high-quality, self-directed learning opportunities.

Effectively Managing District-Wide Professional Learning

How Fairfax County Public Schools helps all employees take charge of their own professional learning.

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“Fairfax County Public Schools partnered with Performance Matters (formerly Truenorthlogic) to build an integrated web-based platform through which each of the district’s full- and part-time employees could search for, manage, and track all professional learning, including key licensure training.”

—Maribeth Luftglass, Assistant Superintendent of Information Technology, Fairfax County Public Schools