Specializing in Science, Math, Alternative Teaching Methods, and Teacher Mentoring

Sean began his career as an educator while working on the ski slopes in Colorado. He earned his BS in both Biology and Secondary Education at the University of Northern Colorado, and, after graduation, Sean moved to Wyoming and became one of two science teachers in a small local high school. During this time, he was able to be very creative with all of his lesson planning since he had to start completely from scratch. This allowed him to explore different methods of teaching and ways to use data to analyze his methods through different assessments. Sean then moved back to Colorado and worked as a middle school science teacher for 10 years. Working with middle schoolers gave him the ability to explore such teaching methods as Flipped Classrooms, the Workshop Method, Problem-Based Learning, International Baccalaureate, AVID, and student-directed learning. Sean earned his Masters in Educational Technology and began solidly using technology to enhance the work his students were doing. At this time, Sean became the coordinator of his school’s Science department and turned his focus towards mentoring teachers to help them become better in their practice and, in turn, have better growth from their students. Outside of the classroom, Sean has been a board member with the NSTA and worked on various conferences for teaching. He has learned the greatest power that he had as a teacher was in sharing his passion for various areas such as student growth, getting girls involved in science and math, and using non-traditional methods to help students learn. His current goal is to bring these passions and experiences into his work to help teachers grow in their work.