Specializing in Elementary Education, Math, Science, and Equity Training

Pam is Performance Matters’ Onsite Training Specialist working with Anne Arundel County Public Schools and has over 37 years of experience as an educator.  She’s taught grades two through six (second was her favorite) in private church-affiliated schools as well as public schools in two different states.  She recalls the day she landed her first teaching position in a small parochial school in Yonkers, NY. She found the custodian for her apartment building and excitedly shared her good fortune with him.  When she told him her starting salary was $8000 he burst out laughing, shook his head, and told her he earned more than that and he hadn’t graduated from high school.  Had Pam been in it for the money, she might have changed her mind right then and there.  However, she was in it to change lives by teaching reading and math.  She wanted to foster a love for learning through engaging science and social studies lessons.  And, what she didn’t earn in a paycheck over the years was more than repaid in hugs and laughter and light bulb moments.

Pam has been a classroom teacher, a math facilitator for a state education agency, a math supervisor, local accountability coordinator, and assistant superintendent for instruction for a Maryland public school system. She earned her B.S. in Elementary Education from the University of Maryland, College Park; her M.S. in Interdisciplinary Studies from Long Island University, C.W. Post; and her Ed.D. in Innovation and Leadership from Wilmington University.

Family, especially her grandbabies, and travel are near and dear to her heart.