Specializing in Math, Curriculum & Instruction, Accountability, and Building-Level Administration

Marnie is passionate about “getting it right” for kids. Whether as a high school math teacher, assistant principal, math supervisor, district assessment coordinator or now, as director of client relations at Performance Matters, she firmly believes that a key to maximizing a student’s potential is in knowing the real story behind the real data for real kids.

In addition to the traditional K-12 educational roles, Marnie has taught mathematics as an adjunct professor at the local community college, written test items for assessment and textbook companies and has tutored a countless number of students at her kitchen table. Marnie has thoroughly enjoyed every role she has played in education. Her husband (Frank) and teenage children (David and Josie), however, would tell you she has the best stories when working in the schools and classrooms. They are now not even phased when she is hugged by a stranger (who she taught at some point) at the mall. Making connections with kids and helping them connect education to their lives is how she believes teachers can get it right for kids.

Marnie received her Bachelor’s in Mathematics from Loyola University, her Masters’ in Education from Salisbury University, and her Doctorate in Educational Leadership from Northcentral University. However, everything she learned about getting it right for kids really came from her mother and great teachers and leaders around her.

Even though she is no longer in the school system, she still participates by tutoring and coaching high school volleyball. She also makes a mean snickerdoodle when her hands aren’t busy knitting.