Specializing in Relationships and Leadership Connections

Amy Wieland joined Performance Matters in 2010 and has been the catalyst for the sustained and rapid growth of the company. Amy’s experience with enterprise platforms and her elite accomplishments as an educator throughout her career provide a unique set of talents to support customers throughout the country.  Her reputation is exemplary among the school systems she has worked with across the country.

With over 25 years experience in multiple capacities of public education, Amy has valuable experience as a teacher, school leader, technology facilitator, and curriculum specialist in Sarasota County Schools. While in Sarasota, she served as the Project Manager for deployment of an Instructional and Assessment Management System, experience which serves her well in her current position. Her career contains numerous honors including multiple Teacher of the Year Awards, Authentic Assessment Multi Media Award, Pearson’s Cross Divisional Communications Award and President’s Award both at Pearson and McGraw Hill.  Amy holds both a Bachelor and Master of Education degree from the University of South Florida.