There's no substitute for the knowledge and expertise that comes from years of experience.

Our team of thought leaders are educators and administrators who have spent years in the classroom, the library, and the boardroom-working toward the ultimate goal of student success. The Performance Matters team has over 32 former educators, who together possess a combined experience of over 420 years in teaching and administration. Take a look around and meet a few members of our team.

Amy Wieland
Senior Vice President
Angela Mansour, MS Ed.
Client Relationship Manager
Bob Brown
Regional Support Analyst
Carlene Kirkpatrick, Director of Project Management
Carlene Kirkpatrick, MA Ed. NBCT
Director of Project Management
Dan Tanner
Vice President of Sales
Dave Nelson, Ph.D., Senior Customer Relationship Manager
Dave Nelson, Ph.D.
Senior Client Relationship Manager
Janet Sankar, M.A., CAS
Director of Learning and Knowledge Management
Justin Miller, MA Ed., Director of Client Relations
Justin Miller, MA Ed.
Director of Client Relations
Marnie Stockman, Ed.D.
Director of Client Relations
MaryBeth Crissman
Content Marketing Manager
Pam Brewer, Ed.D., Director Education Solutions
Pam Brewer, Ed.D.
Director Education Solutions
Roderick “Rocky” Sams, Ed.D, Director, Education Solutions
Roderick “Rocky” Sams, Ed.D.
Director, Education Solutions
Sean Vair, Client Relationship Manager
Sean Vair
Client Relationship Manager
Seldon Short, Senior Account Executive
Seldon Short
Senior Account Executive
Steve Gambill, Ed.S
Business Development Manager