New Enhanced Calibration Tool from Performance Matters Helps K-12 Districts Effectively Train, Score, and Calibrate Evaluation Observers — All Within One Platform

New training courses help observers understand and develop the skills needed to conduct evidence-based observations and conversations that promote a culture of continuous growth

Sandy, Utah — May 24, 2017 — According to a 2016 survey, only one in five educators think they are assessed fairly during the evaluation process. To ensure that observations are conducted fairly and consistently, the effective calibration of observers is crucial. Training is essential as well. To provide a one-stop solution for K-12 districts and schools, Performance Matters today announces a new module for its Calibration tool, which includes embedded training in our certification process of being a classroom observer.

Created in partnership with Teaching and Learning Solutions, the industry leader in inter-rater reliability research, the Performance Matters Calibration tool helps districts measure observer accuracy and improve inter-rater reliability to create consistency and fairness in educator evaluations. With the new training module, districts can now access new courses designed to teach observers how to conduct evidence-based observations and conversations to promote continuous growth.

One course, “Observation Skills for Evidence and Growth-Based Evaluation Models,” is a self-paced course that helps participants hone their observation skills, align evidence to teacher effectiveness criteria, and use quality evidence to frame professional conversations. Another course, “Evidence-Based Conversations,” offers participants interactive tools and activities for self-assessment and the practice of new skills, as well as steps for implementing evidence-based conversations in their own districts.

The Calibration tool is part of the Performance Matters Educator Development platform, which also includes integrated solutions for Observation, Evaluation, and Professional Development. The new training module will be released in June.

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