The Journey towards Connecting the Potential of Student Achievement with the Power of Professional Learning

Truenorthlogic Then

Truenorthlogic was founded in 2000 as iAssessment with an initial focus on solutions to automate district workflows, educator mentoring and professional learning, streamlining many of the paper-based compliance processes that plagued districts prior to the digital age. Truenorthlogic evolved into a leading provider delivering solutions for professional learning management, performance evaluation and observer calibration. Truenorthlogic is proud to support over 1,000 school districts across the country. In 2014, Truenorthlogic was acquired by Weld North Holdings LLC, an investment company led by former Kaplan, Inc. CEO, Jonathan Grayer.


Performance Matters Then

Since its founding in 2003, Performance Matters has been focused on one goal: student success. Performance Matters’ history is shaped by ongoing collaboration with educators to deliver assessment and data management solutions designed to meet the specific pain points of K-12 administrators and teachers alike. By delivering interactive student assessments and a robust data analytics engine, Performance Matters has put the power of student data in the hands of educators, thus informing instruction and classroom practices, and impacting the lives of millions of students every year.


Performance Matters Now

In March 2016, Weld North Holdings LLC acquired Performance Matters, a leader in student assessment systems and analytics for K-12 school districts, and merged it with Truenorthlogic, the leader in educator professional growth solutions, acquired by Weld North in 2014.  Rebranded as Performance Matters, the resulting organization is changing the way K-12 educators think about the relationship between professional learning and student learning. By leveraging big data analytics alongside student assessment and educator professional learning and evaluation solutions, the new Performance Matters provides tools that allow districts to make data-driven decisions to improve student outcomes and increase the impact of educators.



Tools and analytics that create a direct link between student growth and educator effectiveness.



Modular solutions that address the needs of today and scale to solve the challenges of tomorrow.



Integrate with existing systems, data resources and content.



Nearly 30 years of combined experience working with the leading districts in the nation.



Outstanding training and support to ensure your success every step of the way.