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Get to Know Our Educators: Pam Brewer

Pam Brewer may have only been with Performance Matters for two years, but her 20-plus years of education experience has made her an essential contributor to our vision and mission. She has a wealth of experience as both a classroom teacher and a school administrator, and this experience informs her work with client school districts. Last week we spotlighted Dave Nelson, and this week you get to learn a bit more about our very own Pam Brewer!

Why did you choose education?

Pam’s first year as a teacher

“I spent the majority of my childhood playing teacher with a line of stuffed animals on my bed. After graduating with a degree in Chemistry and working in banking for 3 years, I decided I wanted to have fun every day. Every position I have held in K-12 has been so rich and rewarding.”

What teacher inspired you the most? 

“Jim Warford was my drama teacher and then interviewed me to be in his first class of TV Production at my high school. He had high expectations and taught me how to wire a soundboard. I am never afraid to plug in speakers or attempt to get sound working at events. He went on to become Superintendent and then Chancellor of Education for Florida. He is outspoken and passionate about doing the right thing for kids.”

Who is your role model? 

“There are many. Jesus because grace is an amazing thing I would love to give as freely as He did. Ellen because she has some serious dance moves. Tim Tebow because he has been both a crazy success and failure in the public eye yet he is so grounded and rooted in his values. I am a diehard Seminole, but I love me some Timmy T!!! And the Everyday Man because I love to see small and random acts of integrity, kindness, and generosity. I try to find a cool role model every day to push myself to continue living better and being a better human being.”

Pam’s first year as a principal

When have you been most satisfied in your life?

“Those times when I am able to do something and never be repaid. When I look at my amazing family and know that I have had a strong influence on shaping who we are and where we are going. And when I have landed that big, beautiful redfish after a hearty fight.”

What’s your greatest achievement?

“In my first principal assignment, I worked with an amazing team of educators and we pushed our school to the top five in the State. I am still friends with so many of the amazing people that made our school special.”

What’s your superpower? 

“When I was a Middle School Principal, we created a culture of reading on our campus. We were a model AR school and celebrated student reading success on a regular basis. I would frequently transform into the ‘AR Fairy’ to distribute prizes to those students who had met or exceeded their goals. I wore a cotton candy pink bouffant wig with these amazing red glitter platform Mary Janes. I would encourage my students to keep “reading and reading and reading” while waving my magic wand and using my BEST Glenda the Good Witch voice!! There were quite a few 6th graders who never knew it was their Principal dressed up! Good times indeed!!!”

Pam and a few of her favorite educators

If money was no object, what would you do all day? 

“Perform random acts of kindness around every turn. I am quite sure I would become very popular, so I would spend time creating disguises so that people could associate kindness with a variety of personas.”

What makes you happiest? 

“There are SO many things that make me happy so I will create the PERFECT DAY!!! It would start super early with a sunrise on the beach. As I am sipping a coffee, I can feel a cool breeze and hear the birds as the world around me wakes up. I would then crack open a great murder mystery and read for a spell. At some point, I would grab my bottomless money bag and spend the afternoon engaged in random acts of kindness like filling up people’s gas tanks, paying for the person behind me in the drive-through, inserting enough coins at a laundromat for a month of free laundry, feeding some homeless and stray pets, purchasing someone’s groceries. Then I would go home and do something uber creative like bake a cake, sew, paint, or write. Later I would head to a movie theater with the recliner chairs and watch an inspirational sports movie while consuming a HUGE movie theater popcorn with butter. Then I would head home, cuddle with my puppies in bed and drift off into a wonderfully deep sleep.”

Pam’s sweet family

If you could change one event from history, what would it be?

“History was my worst subject. I am a Chemist through study so this is an extremely difficult question forcing me to do what all smart people do … ask someone smarter. According to my daughter, I should wish that Lenin was never born. While that is probably a great and wonderful thought, there are many things that happened as a result of his heinousness, that could be perceived as positive so I sought out counsel again. I asked Google. There were 593,000,000 results. Which leads me to believe that I should just answer with my gut. I believe that every event is the precursor to the next, so my challenge is such: If I change one terrible thing, would that, in turn, change the good things that may have happened as a result of the truly terrible thing? I am a believer that all things happen for a reason and it is for that reason, I would not change a thing.”

How would you survive a zombie apocalypse? 

“My son is well-equipped with survival gear and a well thought out plan. He is an accomplished outdoorsman, and I firmly plan on allowing him to help me through. My daughter is a bit of a diva, so I plan on staying entertained daily by watching her struggle without the things she considers vital to survival. She is a high school History teacher, so I could spend my days improving my History lessons with her while learning to live off the land. My two stepchildren are incredibly bright, so I fully plan on them curing the pandemic. My husband and partner-in-crime is a sports nut, so I imagine we will bounce from place to place watching new and improved sporting events that bring back the idea of ‘fight to the finish’!”