Get Behind the Data

Customized for Your District’s Early Warning Criteria

Performance Matters’ Early Warning System (EWS) helps you to get behind the data and stay ahead of the curve. With EWS you can identify students in need of additional help and monitoring, discover students with advanced placement or gifted potential, as well as confirm athletic and extracurricular eligibility.

Using the common indicators for early warning – attendance, discipline, mobility, retention, GPA, course failures, test score, and more – administrators can easily keep track of students with multiple warnings as well as recognize those who are excelling. Easily monitor college readiness and track performance trends over time through classes, schools, and districts. EWS lets administrators engage students with interventions that support their needs as well as reward students with perfect attendance or no disciplinary issues.

Early Warning System is a part of our Actionable Analytics Solutions, combining student and educator data that guide the Performance Matters tools used by students and educators to accelerate their growth.

  • Identify the early warning indicators that your district will track.
  • Determine the levels that will flag students.
  • Review the reports on your schedule.
  • Integrate goals into school improvement plans.
  • Align to student’s Personal Monitoring Plan (PMP).