Increasing the Graduation Rate with Data-Driven Instruction

St. Mary's County improves student performance on state tests and graduation rate with data-driven instruction

With a focus on rigorous standards and data-driven instruction, student performance has steadily increased on state tests in math and reading, and the high school graduation rate has hit an all-time high of 93.5 percent. Read more

Instant Access to Data

How Hernando County Schools relies on Unify for data-driven decision-making

The District uses student performance data in Unify to identify and prioritize school and district needs, including monitoring early warning indicators. Read more

Supporting Employee Professional Growth

How the Washoe County School District created a common platform to align professional development to evaluation results and compliance needs

Through the customized Performance Matters portal, all district employees can log in and access evaluations, view feedback and manage professional learning using just one set of login credentials. Read more

Effectively Managing District-Wide Professional Learning

How Fairfax County Public Schools helps all employees take charge of their own professional learning.

The integrated Performance Matters Platform provides “one-stop shopping” for courses, course ratings, surveys, transcript information, all of which impacts every facet of an educator’s growth cycle. Read more

Making the Evaluation Process Work

How Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools ensures all employees are effectively evaluated

Performance Matters developed an integrated solution that aligns evaluation results to supportive professional development. Read more

A True Partnership

How Pasco County Schools and Performance Matters successfully work together

Weekly phone calls, collaborative note taking during meetings, recording meeting sessions, task tracking, homework assignments, and follow-ups at the start of project calls ensure clear and open communication between the teams. Read more

Beginning Teachers Thrive

How Alachua County Public Schools created efficiencies to better support beginning teacher retention

Access to centralized data helps mentors prepare for coaching and next steps while insightful reports on each teacher provide a complete picture of each beginning teacher’s growth. Read more