Student Success

Are Assessments in Your PD Plan?

Take a moment and think about the tools you use to measure and improve student achievement.

Likely, one of the first tools that comes to your mind is assessment. Formative assessments, summative assessments, unit assessments, end-of-grade assessments, placement assessments … all of these assessments provide varying degrees of insight into how students are currently performing and offer potential opportunities for improving student achievement. But think for a moment. When was the last time you spent any professional learning time exploring how to make your assessments more meaningful? Probably not since your initial certification coursework, and even then it was likely minimal.

If assessments are that important in influencing student outcomes and program and district decision-making, doesn’t it make sense to spend time digging more deeply into the pedagogy and methodology behind effective assessment design? Professional learning often focuses on classroom management, curriculum development, compliance, student engagement, and a variety of social issues impacting students in the classroom and in the world. But assessment strategy and design is given far too little time in relation to its importance to student growth. An assessment is only as valuable as the validity of the data it produces, and, if your assessments aren’t designed with that data in mind, the integrity of your assessments is lost.

Our upcoming webinar focuses on developing your assessment design and implementation skills, providing you with the tools necessary to gather valid and meaningful data that can drive student achievement. Join us on June 14th for some much needed professional learning focused on assessments. You’ll learn about using item-level analytics, defining learning targets, as well as how to develop an assessment program that targets standards of learning. Dr. Dave Nelson, PhD., faculty instructor of statistics and assessment at George Mason University, will focus on answering key questions related to designing assessments that provide actionable information to teachers and students.

Sorry you missed out on our live webinar! Don’t worry though! You can still hear all of Dr. Nelson’s insights. Request the recording today.