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Adventures in Micro-Credentialing – The Performance Matters Solution

This is a five-part series exploring how one district has embraced micro-credentialing as a way to improve professional learning and increase teacher investment. If you’d like to read the whole story now, download the e-book.

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The Friday Institute at North Carolina State University states that “Micro-credentials provide an opportunity for educators to engage in rigorous, self-paced, job-embedded professional learning that is connected to the daily skills teachers need in their classrooms.” Throughout the last few weeks, we’ve shared how Dr. Raby and West Aurora 129 in Illinois have embraced this philosophy. They are doing some pretty innovative things with professional learning and micro-credentialing, and their experiences highlighted the need for a reliable and configurable micro-credentialing solution where educators can grow professionally in a collaborative and meaningful way. Performance Matters is proud to be a part of their quest to bring authentic growth opportunities to their teachers, and our upcoming product update (available as of June 12, 2017) features our new solution to make micro-credentialing possible for every district.

Check out a few key features of our micro-credentialing solution:

The Dashboard – Along the top of the screen, the dashboard provides a quick view for users to see which micro-credentials need action. For example, depending on the user role, users can view badges waiting for administrator approval or which micro-credentials are in progress as an earner. This serves as a call to action to approve and/or continue progress towards earning.  Users can also view top micro-credential earners, allowing transparency and collaboration between earners.  Also available is a graphical view of the user’s progress on his efforts and a list of most earned micro-credentials, again encouraging engagement.  The right-side column displays both community and personal activity. Click for larger image
Click for larger image The Library – The micro-credential library allows users to quickly switch tabs between the micro-credentials she is working on and those micro-credentials that are available throughout the system. Viewing the details of any micro-credential, the user can see who has earned which badges and who is in progress of earning badges. This encourages engagement with those “veterans” (recipients) of the micro-credential and collaboration with those other earners that are also in progress of the micro-credentials.

The Micro-Credential Detail View – This screen provides the user the status of his progress and a view into which courses are tied to the micro-credential. Users can easily see the completion status of each of the courses they’ve participated in.  Users are also able to click through to the catalog to view and register for any of the courses without having to change screens.

Micro-credentialing and making professional learning more authentic and meaningful has never been easier. Would you like to learn more? We’re here to help. Schedule a demo today.

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