Harnessing the Potential of Student Achievement

Our Performance Matters Actionable Analytics Solutions combine student and educator data that guide the Performance Matters tools that are used by students and educators to accelerate their growth.

Performance Matters offers comprehensive reporting and analytics that support both our Educator Professional Growth and Student Learning & Growth solutions independently. We also have the unique capability of bringing all of this data together, so system leaders can see the impacts of professional learning on student achievement, educator effectiveness on student learning, or trends in professional development implementation that affect student growth.


The Performance Matters Actionable Analytics Solutions are:

Responsive: Whether you want to evaluate performance over time, combine select measures of teacher and/or student performance, drill down to specific student and teacher groups or individuals, or evaluate the quality of a single test item, you can request and get analytics at the speed of thought.

Reliable:   Our data gathering, batching, and report presentations are engineered for accuracy, clarity and accountability so you have objective insights you can trust.

Always-On: Reports and queries are available 24/7/365 from any Internet-connected device. That means preparing for a school board meeting, a community briefing, or a one-to-one with a teacher or parent takes far less time.

Drive Actions:  With data at your fingertips, educators and administrators are able to easily interpret the data, ask the right questions, and determine the next steps towards improving educators’ and students’ lives.

Real-time Analytics supports all relevant student data including State, Local, National and third party assessments, as well as student demographics, early warning criteria and college and career readiness indicators.  With Performance Matters, there is no need to pull together student data from multiple disparate systems, Performance Matters does it for you! Learn more


Drag and Drop lets you adjust your desired results with a click of the mouse.


Drill down to see analytics based on classroom, content, or grade level.


Easy to share results with invested parties while maintaining student privacy.

Performance Matters’ Early Warning System (EWS) helps you to get behind the data and stay ahead of the curve. Customized for your district’s early warning criteria you can easily monitor college readiness and track performance trends over time. Learn more


Identify the early warning indicators that your district will track.


Determine the levels that will flag students.


Integrate goals into school improvement plans.

Performance Matters’ Response to Intervention (RTI) solution provides seamless documentation of interventions and enriches the conversation between teachers and parents by providing rich data. Monitor individual student progress plans to support academic and behavioral interventions. Learn more


Review multiple measures about students.


Identify students for RTI tiers.


Assign and track interventions.

Performance Matters’ Student Learning Objectives (SLO) solution allows administrators to assess student performance in course areas not tested by the state while providing reporting features that track individual teachers’ progress towards meeting their objectives. Learn more


Choose from an unlimited number of baseline and post-assessments.


Adjust at the student level and measure student growth.


Set and track SLO meeting dates.